About Lee Gary


Lee Gary, Infectious Disease Expert

Lee Gary was a guest speaker at Resilience 2020.  He is Adjunct Assistant Professor, Disaster Management, Tulane University.  Lee Gary is expert in Infectious Disease Control.   

Contact: pgary@Tulane.edu; (504) 269-2330


Isolate the People

 Lee Gary talks about how to stop the Coronavirus and the need to identify and isolate people to stop the spread of the disease.  [Time 4:26]


New Mutated Form

 Lee Gary talks about the inevitability of the Coronavirus changing its form, creating new challenges for the medical community.  [Time 3:16]


Isolate, Contain and Wait…

 Lee Gary talks about how you must isolate and contain identified patients, then wait for others to appear. Identifying cases early is critical.  [Time 2:28]


Save Lives, Property and the Environment

 Lee Gary explains the three key universal  responsibilities of the Incident Command Center to save lives  Save Lives, Protect Property and Safeguard the Environment. Time [3:26]


Life and Death

Lee Gary talks about how life must go on, even in life and death circumstances.  [Time 4:57]