Keynote - Opening Dinner

Andrew Kopplin, CEO, Greater New Orleans Foundation, presents a history of resiliency and disaster planning in Louisiana.


Bruce May Interviews David Dodd

David Dodd, Founding President & CEO, ISRC, is interviewed by Bruce May, Chief Content Officer, ISRC.  They talk about Resilience 2020, held in Louisiana, March 2-6, 2020.

Special Guest

Arvind Mayaram

Arvind Mayaram, the former Finance Secretary of India, is currently Chairman, CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition, in India.  David talks with Arvind about the increasing importance of Public Private Partnerships in growing sustainable economies and putting people first.


South Louisiana Economic Council

Discussion of key issues in PPP's at the South Louisiana Economic Council in Thibodeaux, Louisiana.


Keynote Presentations - SEED

Two keynote presentations at the Southwest Louisiana Entrepreneurial and Economic Development Center, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Daily Postings - March 2nd through March 6th, 2020

Additional Videos Coming


SEED - Watch the Whole Session

 Southwest Louisiana Entrepreneurial and Economic Development Center, presentations by the heads of Specialist Centers and discussions (2 hrs. 4 min.)


Thursday Lunch

Keynote by Former Specialist Centre Chairman Marc Frilet on Commitment of Centres to People First PPPs (PfPP),  


Friday Morning

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Disaster Management, Tulane University,  talks about the Coronavirus (CORVID-19) and his experience working in Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis.